We will establish Training manned by officers imparting basic training to the newly recruited guards. In addition, we have full-fledged Training Academy handled by our experts to meet the requirements of operations. Our main subject of training includes Basic Training on security, Guests Handling, Reception and Telephone related duties, Industrial Security, Fire fighting and prevention, handling of contingencies and crisis management etc. Refresher training of one to two days is also organized for the experienced security personnel.


1. Proper infrastructure for the training of guards is located.

2. Training pertaining to company profile, drill, Standing Order Procedures, Fire Fighting Drill along with practices is conducted by experienced personal.


RJ Management Team is a diverse group of trained, certified and undergoes thorough back-ground check to insure you are going to get the very best. An organization’s strength can be measured by the foresight, creativity, and tenacity of its personnel. Their judgments, experiences, and capabilities make the difference between success and failure. RJ is looking forward to a successful future.

Part of our success is because RJ specifically recruits proven leaders and managers that have demonstrated solid leadership and decision-making acumen during their professional careers. This results in a Team who are recognized for their commitment, stability, and longevity.

RJ takes very seriously the responsibility of ensuring that life and property safety are upheld at all times, our Management Team are steadfast and undaunted when it comes to the safety of our clients and their investments. We fully understand and demonstrate the critical importance of security as emphasized in our experience, judgment, and procedures as they directly relate to creating a safe environment.

Our client’s long-term interest is always at the forefront of our concerns and efforts. We take a concentrated approach to understand the nature of our clients business and employ a strategic approach when executing our services. We approach each client individually, matching security associates, supervisory staff, and personalizing orders and procedures to their unique security needs. RJ carries out training at basic, refresher and specialized levels. New entrant are put through induction and basic training schedules and then undergoing on specialize training and supervisory training is imparted where required. RJ has a full-fledged training academy, which accommodates 30 – 60 trainees at any given time.