R.J. PRO-SERVICES PTE LTD (RJ) is a full service private security consultancy firm that provides superior level risk management to corporate, public, and private sector organizations.

Mr Richard Foo – Regional Director /Owner, “ a proven leader with over 30 years of diverse Security and Safety Services experienced in Marine & Heavy Engineering sector, Offshore(Gas & Oil) Aerospace Industry, Property Management, dealer in ship steel plates, pipes, etc. in Marine & Offshore industry and lead a term of Engineers who specialized in NDT (Lever 3) testing and certification worldwide.”

2009 – Mr Richard Foo is engaged by “ Security Management Company in Myanmar ”. Mr Richard Foo also managed to secure UNDP project for the respective Myanmar Security Management Company in Yangon, Myanmar. He has been responsible for the detailed design and implementation of security projects for a number of government compounds and works with corporations and government agencies around the world. ”

2013 – Mr Richard Foo affiliate with R.J. PRO-SERVICES (MYANMAR) CO, LTD located in Yankin Township, Yangon Myanmar and have had close working relationship with Chairman Nyi Nyi and Managing Director U Soe Thiha. “ Each individual have their own business in various sectors, resourceful, good business opportunities with a rich and varied background in security industry & software, Security Equipment, Telecommunication Services, Media Industry, Automotive industry, Manufacturing, Building Construction, Property Agency, Import & Export, Rice Supplier, Agriculture Project, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and Finance Sector, etc. ”

Mr. Richard Foo is directly responsible for instilling the service-oriented dedication exhibited by RJ employees at every level, by being available to RJ clients and taking a ” hands on ” approach every day. He is currently responsible for managing the day-to-day responsibilities of employee recruitment and training and overall security operations. Setup a security company and since became a security consultancy company.

Mr. Richard Foo knows all too well the challenges you face in finding a reliable, effective, and efficient private security service provider. That is why here at RJ we pride ourselves on providing professional services at reasonable rates. Our primary goal is to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships and to become an irreplaceable security risk management resource for our clients.

As the business world continues to grow and the economy continues to remain questionable, many organizations conducting business in menace environments find that protecting personnel, assets, and reputation requires a significant investment. We understand that security risk management is often viewed as a cost centre. RJ ensures that our services are delivered with costs in mind and strive to provide the utmost value to every dollar spent.

Unlike many larger security firms who may utilize multiple levels of subcontracting to perform their operations, we control our overhead costs to give you the Client, the best value. RJ literally removes many of these levels of costs, by utilizing new innovations to mitigate the risks to our clients. RJ delivers the same level of service at a reduced rate – maximizing your security dollar.

R.J. PRO-SERVICES PTE LTD (RJ) has arguably the most prestigious portfolio of prudent business affairs of any private security firm in the industry and therefore is sought out abroad. Setting the bar for security standards by which other private security companies are measured.