In an effort to help clients abate their exposure to crimes ranging from property crime, vandalism, theft, embezzlement, auto theft, burglary, robbery, drug trafficking, and violent offenses such as assault and/or homicides. R.J. PRO-SERVICES PTE LTD (RJ) will assist by identifying weaknesses in your existing or non-existent security operations program and future risk management needs.

Thus, after careful systems assessment and assiduous research, we will recommend improvements and enhancements to achieve a more effective approach, design a strategic systems program and plan, implement and execute the identified objectives, manage the program to assure success of the project and carry forward on-going oversight and refinement of operations to produce accuracy and efficiency. As such, our management professionals are always looking for ways to assist our clients in improving overall public safety. This includes not only security concerns related to personnel, but also safety, fire, and structural security concerns.

Many organizations claim accomplishment of this task by the absence of incidents. Therefore, the goal of RJ is to effectively reduce the many risks and threats they face, while remaining an efficiency-enhancing factor through making the client’s efforts more productive.


Providing comprehensive security is a skilled process that attacks the very core of criminal activity and will not allow it to take root and grow. The truth is that providing adequate security makes good business sense. Experienced business owners agree that a relatively crime-free facility is good for business and a facility with a truly integrated security plan will retain a higher percentage of goods. Respectively, a business with a comprehensive security plan permanently integrated into their daily routine is notably more productive than a business without and as a result, is more successful.

Once integrated, it is difficult for the untrained eye to identify the component parts of this security plan. By design, criminals will feel pressure from this plan. They will feel uncomfortable plying their anti-social trade in this highly controlled environment.

At RJ, we have developed a comprehensive program that utilizes proven and innovative strategic techniques that promotes risk management and reinforces client confidence. We are dedicated to providing effective solutions that help reduce exposure to the client, while allowing them to continue conducting business and capitalize on opportunities.


Our VISION is to provide security with cutting edge protection and loss prevention Services, which is unique in the field of private security firm. RJ employees have an integrated approach in planning and providing Security & Safety to our clients. Our endeavour is to relieve our clients of all their security anxieties so that they can enjoy a carefree life. Our customer desires is a command for us and we leave no stones unturned in fulfilling our commitments. We achieve total asset protection through our integrated programmed approach. We’re looking to expand beyond Singapore and willing to setup in new horizons.